Monday, November 24, 2008


We went to Grandma and Grandad's house on Saturday for dinner and s'mores. Dinner was amazing! We feasted on ka-bobs made with the best filet I have had in a long time, steak fries and of course "cob on the corn". After we were stuffed to our gills we bundled up (it was like 50 degrees!!) and sat on the deck in front of the mexican fireplace. The plan was to make s'mores, but we quickly realized that would mean taking our arms out of our nice warm blankets and working for dessert. Instead we roasted marshmallows while we listened to Copeland and snuggled the kids. It was a great night with some of our most favorite people.

Our roaring fire

Grandad and Piper roasting marshmallows

Dax took a bit more convincing, but eventually he and Grandma roasted a few marshmallows too

A look from above

There is nothing quite like a roaring fire on a cold night with a bag of marshmallows and small children. Joy is found is the small things in life.


Anonymous said...

That was such a wonderful evening! Dax really enjoyed it and said he couldn't wait for us to "go camping again" - Grandma