Monday, September 28, 2009

Grandparents Breakfast

Piper's school has a special breakfast for students and grandparents. This was the third year in a row that Grandma and Grandad picked up Piper and had breakfast with her at school and then got to see her classroom and meet her teacher. She was so excited and looked forward to this day since the first day of school. Next year Grandma and Grandad will play double duty and have breakfast with both Piper and Dax!

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder. Right?

I know, I know! I have been a bad blogger friend. I didn't intend for this to happen and I have missed all of you, but alas I have been a bad blogger friend. I have had many wonderful and exciting things to tell you about, sprinkled in with a few mundane things as well, just to keep it interesting. See the thing is my Macbook has suffered an injury. It is a fixable injury and purely cosmetic, but it is an injury nonetheless. It all started the night we transformed Piper's room from this...

to this...

We worked really hard to transform Piper's room into a room for Piper and Dax and we were quite pleased with the outcome. As the kids happily camped out in the family room we basked in the accomplishment of this new room. It was pretty late and we were pretty tired so what happens next has been forgiven. I set my Macbook on the step stool and left the room to get something. I hadn't been gone long when I heard a crash and Matt yell. I ran back to the room thinking he had fallen somehow and asked if he was okay. He answered that he was fine, but my computer might be broken. WHAT?! The proper response would have been relief and joy that my husband was okay, but I admit that it was fear for my beloved laptop that was the overwhelming thought in my head. See when Matt went to move the step stool he didn't see my computer sitting on the top step and it slid right off and hit the floor. Hard. What has resulted is a cracked screen that has gotten worse as time has gone by. It can be fixed and will be fixed, but right now we are using our money to pay for things like electricity and rent with not a whole lot left over.

So you see, it has been difficult to blog with a screen that is blocked by black fingers of pixel killing death. But so many fun things have happened and I want them to be here at chez mitchell blogspot. So I plan to blog like crazy and catch you all up on the stuff that has been going on here. As you can see we have done some remodeling and still have a bit more to do as well. So check back often in the next day or so for new posts of things that have already happened and maybe even a current event as well.