Sunday, November 2, 2008

Kassi tagged me and since it is raining and Matt is napping I thought this would be a good time to respond.

8 Favorite TV Shows
I really, really like T.V.
*Grey's Anatomy
*Gossip Girl
*Without a Trace
*How I Met Your Mother
*The Big Bang Theory

8 Favorite Restaurants
*P.F. Chang's
*Ruby Tuesday's
*Jaymer's BBQ

8 Things that happened yesterday
* I took Piper to Chuck E. Cheese for a birthday party
* We babysat Jace
* I blogged about Halloween
* made chicken and yellow rice for dinner
* vacuumed
* raided the kids halloween candy
* cuddled with Dax
* read Pippi Lonstocking to Piper

8 Things I'm looking forward to
* seeing New Kids on the Block tonight with Amanda
* the election being over
* having our family picture taken
* Thanksgiving with the Lancaster's
* having my mom living only 10 minutes away
* Novemberfest
* seeing Look Mexico on the 10th
* seeing Copeland with Matt and Miss Kelly on the 21st!!

8 Things I love about fall
* cooler weather
* fall decorations
* baking
* Thanksgiving
* Halloween
* sweaters
* pumpkins
* peppermint hot cocoa

8 Things on my wishlist
* having the kitchen and bathroom painted
* new tires for the van
* not getting sick this winter
* to lose my baby weight
* to get pregnant with a baby Mitchell
* a red kitchen aid mixer
* new glasses
* France with Matt

8 people I tag:
* Sarah T.
* Laura W.
* Caci
* Sara
* Liz
* Julie
* Heather
* Trevor


Sarah and Matt said...

wow 90210? might as well add night rider to the cheese fest..then again you are currently hanging tough,oh oh....? matt

Julie said...

Funny comment Matty Lee! I'm going to pretend you are referring to another Julie Sarah cause I hate being tagged!

Heather said...

I love your blog! (what does it mean to be tagged??) When are you guys going to visit Maryland?!! Hopefully we can make a trip to Florida after the Holidays! Love you guys!!

Trevor, Caci, and Jace said...

Thanks for watching Jace! I LOVE all your fall "loves" -- baking, Thanksgiving, sweaters, pumpkins, peppermint hot cocoa-- I am SOOOO with you on all those. Hooray for fall!