Friday, November 21, 2008

Our Star

Piper and I were approached about being in a Steak and Shake commercial yesterday as we were walking into Target. A nice girl came up to us and asked if we liked S&S and if we wanted to be in a commercial. Well, you know Piper was all over that! After we finished shopping we headed over there and she was so excited to see the hair and makeup and wardrobe. I swear this reaction was better than any Christmas or Birthday yet! They were running behind and asked us to come back.

We came back a couple hours later only to find out they were still behind schedule. Any other kid and I would have said forget it, but this is Piper we're talking about. We came back for a third time after dinner. They seemed to be slowing down and close to wrapping everything up, but a couple of the girls remembered us from earlier and talked to the director. Next thing you know we are in hair and makeup. I say we because they asked both of us to be in the commercial together. Piper loved the star treatment and I gotta admit it was pretty funny having my makeup done.

We walked over to the set and it wasn't long before they politely asked me to step out of the picture. HAHA! I know full well who the star is in our family and was only too happy to allow her to shine. And shine she did! We were told that they would ask us our favorite thing about S&S and then we would be done. Well, they shoot film of Piper for 20 minutes. They loved her and I say that unbiased, mostly. I guess next year is Steak and Shake's 75th birthday so they had her wish S&S a happy birthday, etc. The director would feed her a line and she would deliver it back perfectly. I was so proud!

When they were done filming her everyone there clapped for her and wished her good luck in her future in film. It was pretty cool and she loved it. The casting director asked the photographer if she wanted to shoot one more person and she said she wrapping up. The c. director promised her she wanted to take Piper's pictures. She was glad she did. Piper did her thing, which means she posed and hammed it up like it was her j.o.b. The photographer laughed the whole time and couldn't believe that this was her first photo shoot. Piper told her that her Daddy was a photographer and when the lady asked what kind Piper said, "the real kind!". Everyone roared at that. All in all I think they took well over 700 images and shoot for 20 minutes.

While Piper was having her picture taken the casting director talked to me. She asked if we had ever thought about putting Piper in the entertainment business. In truth it is something we have talked about before, but it is hard to know if we see things one way because we are her parents. The woman told me that Piper has "it" and of all the people she was that day she only passed her info onto one other. WOW! She works for a company in Orlando that casts people for commercials, print ads and movie and TV extras. She said it would be the perfect place for Piper to get a start. She was confident that it wouldn't be long before Piper was ready to have her own agent and start booking bigger things. I was pretty impressed and obviously very proud. We exchanged info and I have already looked into the company, they are very legitimate and we plan to go ahead and pursue this and see what happens. As long as Piper is having fun and enjoying it, we will let her do this.

We are hopeful that Piper makes the final cut and is used in the commercial for Steak and Shake. If so it will air in January. In the meantime here are a few pictures of our star.

Hair and makeup!

On the set!


Anonymous said...

I am, of course, not at all surprised that our Piper is on her way to Stardom! Grandma

Heather said...

Wow! That sounds so fun, go Piper!! You have to keep us posted! We'll keep a look out for her in January!

Trevor, Caci, and Jace said...

NO WAY!! That is SOOOOOOOOOOO awesome!!!! I always knew Piper was destined for stardom!! I am so excited!!!

Trevor said...

Thats pretty awesome Piper!