Monday, November 24, 2008

I'll sing along, the whole day through

We had such a wonderful weekend! We started it out on Friday night with Miss Kelly and Copeland at the State Theater in St. Pete. We picked Kelly up at her office and then we stopped at Chipotle for dinner. Dinner was fantastic and made me wish for the 10,000th time that we had one here closer to home. Probably good that we don't though because I would be there all the time!

Anyway- once fed we went over the bridge and headed for one of the best venues to see live music. It had been years since we had seen a show at State and we were pleasantly surprised to find that you are no longer able to smoke inside. We had to park kinda far away and it was really cold, but no complaints here. The first band was called LIGHTS and they were impressive. Besides Copeland we were most excited about seeing Lydia and they did not disappoint! They were incredible and I hope they come back soon because we just didn't get enough. The next band, Lovedrug was just okay. I think by this time we were just really ready to hear Copeland. That and the fact that about 10 minutes after we got there Matt's right hip locked up and he was in major pain the rest of the night. State Theater is standing room only unless the top is open and it wasn't that night. So he basically tried to balance on his left leg all night. Poor guy!

Copeland was more than amazing though and it was worth the wait. They played a ton of their old stuff, which was awesome. I was really hoping they would play my song, California, and even yelled out a request, but it was not meant to be that night. They did play Kelly's favorite! How cool that my mother-in-law is hip enough to go to a show with us and know all the words. We had a wonderful time and look forward to our next show together.

We left the show with smiles on our faces and songs on our lips. But Matt was still in incredible pain and the walk ahead seemed daunting. We hadn't walked very far when we saw a guy on a bike pulling a little bench thing behind him. Perfect! I asked if he could give us all a ride back to the parking garage and he told us to climb on. I had to sit on Matt's lap, but we were all nice and cozy and there was even a blanket to put over us. A nice Florida sleigh ride through St.Petersburg on a chilly night. It was the perfect ending to a great night.

Our ride in pictures...


Anonymous said...

I had such a wonderful time at the concert - everything about the evening was perfect (except Matt being in pain, of course). Thank you for introducing me to Copeland. You have enriched my life and I love you for it! Kel

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Heather said...

I'm so glad you guys are having so much fun!! I love your new family picture!!!