Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Finn!

This one is past due. Our Finn turned 4 at the beginning of the month and I am just now getting around to his birthday blog spotlight. Let me tell you all a little about Finn. Finn in my best friends son, he is also Dax's best friend. Amanda (Finn's mommy) and I met through our old play group when the boys were still under a year old. I remember being instantly drawn because we had considered naming Dax Finley and calling him Finn while we were pregnant. Amanda and I got to know each other and soon we were hanging out outside of scheduled play group activities. She was there when Dax took his first steps and was the first person I called when I got my first positive pregnancy test for my first surrogacy. The boys were always together and seemed to like looking at one another and sharing snacks. Before too long our friendship was solid and we even brought our husbands into the mix- they also get along great.

So I have known Finn for over three years now and love him with my whole heart. I love that Dax and Finn love each other so much. Finn loves to build houses, airports, barns, etc. for anyone and everyone. He loves his Piglet (I was with him when he got his first and most dear Piglet.), his dog, Kobe and his Mommy and Daddy. And he loves us too. Matt and I are Auntie Sarah and Uncle Matt to Finn and it is a title that I wear with pride. I have long said that friends are the family you pick here in life. I hope as the years continue we all remain close and that I always stay Auntie Sarah to the blue eyed cutie named, Finn!

Here are some photos from Finn's 4th birthday party at the Big Red Barn. It was such a beautiful day and a super fun party! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you Finny! We love you so much!!

Dax and Finn on the playground

Farmer Finn

On the hay ride feeding the giant cows!

Feeding the animals

Dax and Finn petting the bunny.

Happy Birthday, Finn!! We love you!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Under Construction

Over the last 6 months or so we have worked really hard on fixing up the house. We have painted just about every room in the house and we are now ready to tackle the kitchen. I love the color red in kitchens, but wasn't sure I could pull it off since the kitchen morphs into the brown hallway and green dining room. Matt put up a big sample of the red I picked out in various parts of the kitchen and I am loving it! What do you guys think? I realize that the only loyal readers to this blog are my in-laws, but on the off chance someone else has stumbled upon this little blog--let me know what you think? Love it or hate it?

Here you can see the back wall of the kitchen and where it meets up with the hallway.

Speaking of kitchens...I got a new stove last week! WOOHOO!! I must be a grown up because new appliances really get me excited. I am hoping for a new dishwasher next. A girl can dream. The new stove deserved pictures of it for your viewing pleasure.

I am happy to report that I am no longer burning food- I knew it was the stove and not my culinary skills! Come on over for a batch of my brownies, now better than ever!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A new do

My boys needed haircuts- like a month ago! Today was as good a day as any and off to the barber they went, er, or the kids bathroom. Remember when I mentioned that Matt is good at everything he does? Did I also mention he cuts hair? Wonders never cease with this guy of mine. Dax was up first and was not too excited about having his haircut.

Don't take my picture, Mommy!

Roxy kept a watchful eye on what was going on.

Speaking of Roxy- she celebrated her 1st birthday on the 12th. We were in the midst of FLU 2009, so we are planning on celebrating this week. We will be sure to give her a spotlight blog in her honor.

Back to the barber shop...

The making of a mohawk.

Like I said above, both boys needed haircuts and Dax wasn't up to cutting hair today, so Matt had to cut his own. Yes- he really is good at everything he does! Trés impressive, non?

Piper is healthy!

Piper is all better and heading back to school tomorrow. She was very sick and we were pretty worried about our little girl, but she is fully recovered albeit a few pounds thinner. This is the first time the flu has hit one of the kids and it was a doozy. Piper ran high fevers for 6 days- SIX DAYS! When she got sick she weighed in at a whopping 35 pounds and is now down to 33. We are working on bulking her back up and then some. I mean really how many nearly 7 year olds do you know that only weigh 35 pounds?! She is growing like a weed height wise though. As a result all of her pants are cinched as tight as possible at the waist and about 2 inches short in the legs. She is our beautiful, tiny little fairy and we are so glad she is back to herself. Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes said on her behalf.

Coloring today

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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Hope you all had a wonderful day full of hugs and kisses and a healthy does of chocolate as well.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sick baby girl

My little Pi is home sick today. She complained of a headache last night and then woke up around 11 with a 101 degree fever. Poor little sweetpea! She was so upset when I told her she would have to stay home today. She has tried so hard to get perfect attendance every 9 weeks this year and so far she has missed it each time. The other two days she was absent this year were because she was throwing up and now today because of the fever. Allow me to rant for a moment on why I hate perfect attendance parties and awards... Because I am a responsible parent and keeping my sick kid home she will now not be able to participate in the ice cream party with the principal. BOO! I think that if a kid stays home because they are really sick then they should not be penalized. I realize that her absence is excused, but that is not going to change the fact that she is not going to get an award and ice cream party. BLAH! End rant.

She looks so sweet all cuddled up in my bed. She is hoping to be better for tomorrow so she can pass out and receive valentines at school. I am pretty sure I am going to keep her home though. I would hate to have her push too hard and then be done for the 3 day weekend ahead. I will probably drop off her valentines at school and leave her own valentine bag so that she can get all her treats on Tuesday. In the meantime this calls for soup, ice cream, water (her favorite beverage), movies in mommy and daddy's bed and lots of rest. Send get well vibes to our little Piper!

Viva Valentine!

Piper had a Valentine concert at school last week. Imagine a cafeteria full of 1st graders singing songs about love...cute, hu? Piper was so excited about the concert and that Grandma and Grandad were coming to see her perform. They sang a song called "Viva Valentine" and it was adorable! There were some pretty snazzy dance moves as well. Several of the kids had speaking parts and Piper was one of the kids picked. She was so excited that she was able to memorize her line. At the end of the concert we learned that the children that had speaking parts participated in a writing workshop and the best entries were chosen to be used. I was even prouder when I heard that! The last song was all about texting. That was not even in my vocabulary when I was in 1st grade. Piper was one of the stars of that song and she stood in front of the group of singers and used my phone to text her BFF on the other side of the room. LOL! I let her borrow my phone and she proceeded to come home and hide it in her room in hopes that she could "borrow" it for a few more days.

I didn't remember to bring Matt's good camera so the quality of my pics is not great, but here is our sweet little valentine!

Isn't her hat adorable?!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Funny kid

Last night Dax was having a hard time falling asleep, which is unusual for him. Matt spent some extra cuddle time in his room with him in an effort to help him fall asleep. This was after I had already sang Too Rah Loo (irish lullaby) several times!

So Matt laid with him and held him close, but after a while it was time for him to get up. This is the conversation that followed--

Dax- You're leaving, hu?
Matt- Yeah buddy, I got to get up and get some stuff done before I go to sleep.
Dax- At this point I know you're lying.

I almost peed my pants when Matt told me. What a funny kid that Dax is!