Sunday, April 27, 2008

chez mitchell,which is french for the mitchell house.

I would like to start with a disclaimer that even though i was the spelling bee champion of the third grade, i don't believe i progressed from that day. I tend to find myself satisfied. As for grammar and basic sentence structure forget about it.. well, at least i did. I am ok with this being a comic relief blog. I suppose i should  say this is Matt and not Sarah aka mrs.1460 on her sat.I say book smart. speaking of books she is currently head first into part two 1932 or something ..and repeating out loud, "oh my gosh." Piper is our now six years old as of the twenty fifth. She is an inspiration to us, a little  pixie living on the edge of time out. She is six, that is too fast. She asked me today if she will have her own room at college?..I calmly replied at some colleges,or you could live AT HOME! Dax commented, im not ready to grow up, i just want to be Maddax. THANK YOU, I said. SO we are a little late on this site thing,we are just trying to be more journalistic. Dax is three still, Piper still thinks she has the best of  bo wirhls, Sarah's eggo is still preggo, I am still as far away as possible from artistic monday through friday.