Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We had a great halloween yesterday. Dax and I headed over to Finn's house while Piper was in school so we could make cupcakes for later. After that we picked Pi up from school and went to Target to get the supplies to make our mummy dogs for dinner. We battled traffic and headed home to pick up Daddy and go to Ian and Amanda's house. Amanda had goody bags for all the kids complete with silly string! She is such a good Aunt!!

We got the kids into costume and Matt took some awesome pictures!! We left the guys in charge of making dinner while the Mommy's walked the kids around the neighborhood. Everyone ohhed and ahhed over our little band of pirates. We came home and ate the yummy mummy dogs and looked over our loot. I mean the kids, totally scored at one house and got full size candy bars. Sweet! After we had the kids settled we put them in PJ's, popped a movie in the playroom and then we played some Scattergories with Ian, Amanda, Carly and Jeremy. I trounced everyone.....sorry guys! We learned that Matt's hooby of choice is ninjaying. I am sure most of you are not surprised by that at all.

Here's the whole reason you tuned!

Our band of Pirates


Piper the Pirate

We think Dax kinda looked like Dopey the Pirate because of his ears. So stinkin' cute!!

Beside hanging out with the Lancaster's, we also got to trick or treat with Julie and her cute kids, Jake and Camden. Camden made a super cute Minnie Mouse and Jake was a pretty scary swamp monster. I don't have any pictures of Jake, but here is a cute one of Cammy Lamby.

Here is my favorite picture of the night. We hope you all had a wonderful Halloween with your little ghosts and goblins :)


Liz's Blog said...

Great costumes and great pictures! It looks like ya'll had a great halloween!!! I am so excited to see you in a week and a half! Jacob is crossing off the days when he wakes up in the morning. Let me know what your schedule is and when you want to hang out girl. Give the kids a hug from their Aunt Liz! I love you all!

Heather said...

I love the pirate costumes! I'm glad you had a great Halloween! Talk to you soon!

Julie said...

You will have to tell us how the NKOTB concert was. Aaron bought me the album for my Bday! The kids look adorable!

Anne said...

Hey Sarah, JAke has the same costume, he wore it last year and again this year. He says that is what he is wearing next year too!!!LOL, Great pics and blog updates. How are you?-

Laura said...

Sarah! These have got to be the greatest costumes! Soooo super cute. I love that they are all pirates. And by-the-way, thank you for the sweet words about Chris being home. It is beyond splendid to have him home for a few weeks.