Sunday, September 21, 2008

Take Me out to the Ball Game

Ian called this morning with an offer to good to turn down. He had extra tickets to see the Ray's baseball game today and the seats were right behind home plate. So we skipped out of church early and the boys (Matt, Dax, Ian and Finn) went to the game. The boys had a good time and loved all the yummy treats they gorged themselves on. This was their first baseball game. I love watching them grow up together and have these fun experiences with their Daddy's.  Even though Matt knows nothing about baseball they still had fun and a whole lot of junk food.

Early this week Amanda called and told me that Finn had filled out his "about me" sheet at school. They sat with their teacher and filled in the blanks. This is what Finn's said.

Hi my name is Finn. I am 3 years old. I like to draw circles. I live with my Mom and my Dad. I have a brother named Dax. I have a sister named Piper. I have a dog named Lulu. My favorite color is black. My favorite food is pizza.

How cute is that?! I laughed so hard and then I asked for child support. 


Candice said...

Hi! I am linking to as many of Nie's friends that I can to spread the word about a project I am starting. I want to create new vintage quilts for her children, if you are interested in contributing read the details here: Thank you!

Heather said...

I bet the boys had so much fun! That's the best part of the game eating the food!! We miss you guys!!

Trevor & Caci said...

That story is SOOOO cute and the game sounds like a blast!!! What great seats!!

Trevor said...

When are you guys gonna come over?
- Trevor

Debbie said...

I know you don't know me but I read Nie's blog too, and too are a convert 10 years ago. I was reading her comments today and. some are just as inspirational as hers. Your words today about slowing down and just cuddling your son were words I needed to hear. I need to do that myself. I work full-time, worry about my house too much and need to spend less time blogging (I love it though, there are so many good things), but I need to time myself (on the computer)like my kids and video games and spend more time with my 4 beautiful blessings and an incredible husband. Because of your words today I am going to slow down and spend less time worrying and more time with what is most important to me. HF has giving us such incredible blessings and I need to focus on what those blessings are. And so after I finish this comment, I am going to turn off my computer and finish watching our movie, snuggling with my babes. Thank you again!

Misty said...

I'm new to this blogging world but I stumbled upon nie's world and my "cup is soooo full" this week. Sarah: we have so much in common! My husband joined the church on May 9th, 1999 and we went to the temple on July 29th, 2000. We had a little girl sept.14th 2004 and little sophia sept.5 2007. I read your goals and they are all my goals!!! I've been buggin' myself to go to the temple for months and months now and I just went last night. Crazy blogging world!! I can't believe how this internet really can bring us all together.
Your sister in California,
Misty Kiley