Friday, September 19, 2008


So I have set some goals for myself. I think it is important to write things down, that gives them power and it is right there in my face as a reminder. That works for me for the most part, but sometimes I need a bit more encouragement. So how do you feel about being my back up singers? I think everyone should have a good set of back up singers in their lives. I have some great, wonderful and amazing people in my life, but it will be easier for them to back me up if they know the song.

So here is my list....some of the goals are easy to reach and others are more lofty, but I will take encouragement wherever it is offered.

Lose 20 pounds 
Grow photography business
Go to the temple
Help Piper learn to read
Teach Dax his letters and numbers
Save more money
Read the Book of Mormon before the holidays
Be a better visiting teacher
Walk at least 5 times a week
Volunteer in Piper's classroom
Organize my house
Be a better wife, mom, friend, daughter and sister

Some of these I am happy to report are well on their way. Piper is reading like a champ these days. I am so proud and happy to watch her discover a love for reading. Anyone that knows me knows how much I love to read. The gift of reading has brought me so much joy in my life and has lead me to learn and grow in many ways. 

Dax can count to 20 most days and is an eager little student and enjoys learning new things. I am trying to do "mommy school" with him at least three times a week. Piper is a great helper in this area and is always encouraging Dax to count with her, sing his ABC's, etc. 

So, as you can see my list is not out of the realm of possibility, but at times for me  some of the goals seem that way. My voice starts to fall flat and I could really use a great band behind me. 


Heather said...

I love your list of goals! I have my goal list I made when I was in high school and I love to look back at it and see the things I've accomplished. You've inspired me to make a new list! I think writing your short and long term goals out is the best way to attain them! Sounds like your doing a great job! It was nice talking to you the other day it was a breath of fresh air!

The Larson Family said...

All good goals Sarah! I need to make a list of goals- it seems overwhelming though... I know you can do it though!

Trevor & Caci said...

Shoot, girl! That makes me exhausted just reading those! My goals are: brush my hair every morning, feed Jace less than 1 lb of sugar per day, and make sure Trevor has a charged cell phone. I am proud to say I am batting at least 2 out of 3 per day. My philosophy is: Why shoot for the stars and miss when you can aim for a pile of dung and hit dead on? :)