Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mother Daughter Day

Two posts in one day and it is only 9:30 AM!

Saturday the stake put on a mother daughter activity. The theme was Luau Legacy and we had so much fun. We took a hula class in some really awesome pseudo hula skirts.

President Jensen gave a wonderful talk about legacies and what that means. He also talked about how our children are here on loan from our Heavenly Father and why it is so important that we help them to live up to their fullest potential in order to make it back to our Father in heaven. It was a powerful talk and made me miss my Nana so much, but also be so grateful for her legacy and the legacy that I am passing to Piper. The stake is working on a legacy quilt and all of the mom's and daughter's made a few stitches in the quilt and then put our names above our stitches. How cool is that?!

Piper after making her stitches in the Legacy Quilt

After the activity was over we had a wonderful Girl's Day with our good friends the Thayn's. We went to the mall and let the girls go hog wild in Sephora. We had so much fun, I wish I had pictures to show how hussied, um I mean gussied up we all looked! Piper picked hot pink eye shadow and boy oh boy was she working it :)

I am so thankful for my daughter. I am thankful to have been entrusted by my Heavenly Father to care for her during this time. She is my legacy.

You are all in luck! I have pictures of the fun that is Sephora...I promise that I do not normally let Piper out in public like this. Sometimes, but not usually ;)

Look at how cute these girls are

Sarah and Sarah


Trevor & Caci said...

The mother daughter activity sounds like so much fun!!! I wish I had a daughter! I bet you all looked FABULOUS after the makeovers! How fun!

Liz's Blog said...

This looks like the PERFECT day! You are a wonderful mother. Piper is blessed to have you as her mom.

wildthayn said...

That eyeshadow is a crack up!! She is such a cute and funny little girl. I should really post pics on my blog, but alas it has not happened. Thanks for sharing such a fun day with us! Good times!!

The Pope Family said...

I hate that I am not in relief society, I didn't even know that there was a mother daughter day or I would have gone with Brooklyn....who cares that she is only a month old! I'm glad that you had so much fun with your cute girl!