Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fun Friday...

friday was so full of fun, family and friends that I did not have time to blog until now at 12:39 am on Saturday morning. it is a good thing I am an insomniac or this thing would never be updated...

our day started with taking Piper to school. She was a bit anxious to show everyone her new beauty mark, but all went well and we are happy to report she is back to feeling 100%

We came home and played with this sweet little girl

When Angela's mommy came to pick her up Dax and I went to run our errands. He is so fun and I love our one on one time together. Today as we were walking through Target he was playing with baby Stitch who goes everywhere with us, when I heard this...and he sticks the landing! Yes our very own baby Stitch is an accomplished gymnast who manages to stick his landings every time!

Before too long it was time to pick up Pi, on the way to school my good friend Sarah called and asked if I would pick up her sweet girls. I did of course and when we pulled into their driveway we decided to not drop them off and instead bring them back home to play with us for the afternoon. The kids were in heaven! They had a dance party and sang songs from Camp Rock at the tops of their lungs.

After the dance party the girls let me take their pictures outside. Now I know that Matt is the photographer of the family, but I think I got some pretty cool shots of the girls.

Here is sweet Hannah. I really love this girl and I am so glad that she is my Piper's friend. She is the type of kid you are just so happy to know. She is polite, gentle and full of a sweet spirit. Her family is so lucky to have her and we are so lucky to know her.

I am pretty proud of that picture. Here are a few that Matty took of Hannah.

Hannah has a spunky and adorable little sister named Eleanor aka Elle. She and Piper are like to peas in a pod. They are quite the little firecrackers, but I like their spunk and spirit. Elle makes me laugh and she and her sister are such wonderful friends to my sweet Pi-Pi. Elle just turned 6 and loves all things Hannah Montana. She and Mr. Matt have that in common. She let me take a few pictures of her.

Those are pretty good, but these are magnificent. It is easy to take amazing pictures when you have a beautiful subject...

OK folks, I started blogging an hour ago and could probably go for another hour. It was a really fantastic friday! But I am going to try to go to sleep before 3 am. I will continue tomorrow with more fun facts and great pictures.


Liz's Blog said...

CUTE PICS!!! Looks like the girls had a ton of fun!!!

Deb said...

You are a crazy blogger! I just love all your posts and pictures. All the pictures are fantastic. Thanks for sharing your sweet life.