Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Years Eve

I know, I has been the new year for 7 whole days now and I am only just now getting to blog about it. If you read my previous post you will know why. We are feeling much better here at chez Mitchell now and I am taking the opportunity to finish blogging about the holidays.

We spent New Years with Brian, Brittan, Campbell, Anna Mae and Barrett. Grandma and Grandad headed up as well and it was so nice for all of us to be together! We headed up to Inverness Wednesday evening after Matt got home from work. We almost had to cancel the trip because Piper got pink eye on Monday and passed it to Dax on Wednesday. Luckily we had drops from the last time we went through the attack of the pink eye monster. I called Brittan to let her know and she told us to come- eye goop and all. The drive was pleasant with hardly any traffic at all. When we made it to the house the boys set out to pick up pizza and fireworks. The pizza was awesome!! Unfortunately, Brian was diagnosed with a tomato allergy a few months ago and no longer eats tomatoes. He meant to order a white pizza for himself, but in all the excitement I guess he forgot. He decided to chance it and eat a couple slices of regular pizza. Bad move. Brian was sick the rest of our visit. Hence the title of the previous post. Poor Uncle B slept in the bathroom :( We have made him promise to not eat tomatoes EVER again. After ringing in 2009 asleep on a tile floor I think he will have no problem keeping his promise.

Before Brian fell ill to Captain Tomato we were able to play and have some fun. The boys set off fireworks and we all ohhed and ahhed. Well all of us except for baby Barrett. He was not impressed. Matt and Brian had a lot of fun though and I only suffered a mild anxiety attack as I watched my husband put his face precariously close to explosives. After fireworks we headed inside to enjoy the many wonderful desserts Brittan made for us (I can still taste the banana pudding- YUM!!) and played wii. Matt and Brian boxed a few times and then Matt took on Dad. They were so funny to watch.

Both sides put up a good fight, but in the end Dad triumphed! HA! Poor Matt the mii

We exchanged present with Grandma and Grandad. I love this picture of Dax and Campbell playing their new Leapsters. They are so cute together!

Anna Mae loved her new Barbie mermaid. Look at that happy face.

Grandma and Grandad got me a gift card to Barnes and Noble. Do they know me or what? I am so excited to go shopping all by myself and indulge in a few new books without the guilt. Thanks Dad and Kelly!!

The kids were troopers and made it to see the New Year ushered in. We toasted with some sparking grape juice and gave hugs and kisses. After the excitement wore down we got everyone into jammies and set up a cousin campout in the hallway. Dad and Kelly braved the chill and camped outside in their tent--well, Dad did. Miss Kelly gave up around 3 am and sought out the warmth and comfort of the couch inside. The kids loved sleeping together in their sleeping bags.

How cute are they?!

Dax and Anna Mae- they were so cute together and played so nicely.

I love to see these two together. They love each other so much!


Heather said...

So fun!!You guys have a great family! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

We all had such a great time-hopefully it was the 1st Annual Mitchell New Years! Grandma