Friday, January 2, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. The kids woke up and rushed out to find their stockings. Stockings were my favorite part of Christmas morning and I love to see the kids discover their treasures in theirs, but this year they were too quick for me. Before too long Matt and I were up, kinda, and the kids were ready to tear in.

Piper bought gifts for all of this year at the Christmas store at her school. She was so excited to give them to us. Matt got a keychain with a Daddy and daughter bear that says, "World's Best Dad!"

Piper got a Nintendo DS with Super Mario Brothers for Christmas. I think she was excited. What do you think?

After all the presents under the tree had been opened we realized there was something missing. We headed out to the garage to see if we could find it. And look what we found...

This bike is so cool! One of the handlebars makes real motor cycle sounds! Sweet! Dax was fearless the first day, but a couple of stumbles have made him a bit nervous about getting back on. We're working on it.

After we opened all of our gifts Eg arrived with more goodies. Piper got a really cool cupcake maker from an old family friend (thank you Miss Debbie!!) that has known me since I was a little girl. To go along with her new cupcake maker, my mom got her the accessories kit. We are going to start our own mini cupcake business soon.

Dax got an awesome garage for his cars. He and Matt have had lots of fun parking their cars and racing them down the ramps.

After presents were opened we all cuddled up in our room and watched Kung Fu Panda. Well...we watched until we fell asleep. I still need to finish the second half of the movie. After a nice nap we were ready for round two. My brother and his fiance, Tara, came over and had dinner with us. I decided to make a homemade lasagna this year. I made it on Christmas Eve and put it in the fridge so all I had to do was pop it in the oven on Christmas. It. was. AWESOME! The kids have asked me to make it for every meal now. When I was a kid we always had lasagna on Christmas Eve. I think I will start a new tradition and we will have it for dinner every Christmas.

The kids with Uncle T.J. and Tara

Piper and Dax with Eg- notice the chocolate all over Dax's face?!

As the night was winding down we got a call from our good friend Steph who was in town visiting family. She and her boyfriend, Peter, stopped by and hung out for a while. It was nice meeting Peter and it was great to see Steph!! This is the only picture of me from Christmas this year.


Liz's Blog said...

Looks like a GREAT Christmas!!! I was very homesick for my family this year...I feel like we should all live closer and our kids should play more than a couple times a year! Please tell Piper and Dax Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from us and give them big kisses! I miss you! XOXOXO

Jenna said...

You and Matty make gorgeous children!