Sunday, January 4, 2009

Like Uncle Brian...

Poor Piper. Friday found her not feeling very well at all. The day started with Dax throwing up. Don't you just love days like that? Poor little bugger felt so bad because he didn't even have time to make it to the bathroom. He kept apologizing to me for making a mess. What a sweetheart, hu?

Piper seemed to be feeling fine, although she complained of an upset stomach in the morning. I figured she was trying to get the extra special TLC that Dax was getting. I felt awful when she started throwing up Friday evening. She was fine one minute and then sick the next. Matt and I set Dax up with a show in our room and we hung out with Piper in her room. She would doze between runs to the bathroom. Eventually she decided the best place to stay was on the bathroom floor...just like Uncle Brian (blog to come). So I made her a pallet on the bathroom floor. These pictures are so sad, but also kinda comical. We are all feeling better now and glad that the stomach bug didn't last long and that if it had to hit that it did so while we were on Christmas break. I always seemed to be sick over the holidays when I was a kid too.


Anonymous said...

Oh my poor Piper!!! Grandad spent alot of time in the bathroom also -I should have made him a pallet too! Grandma

Lolo Langstons said...

Oh, that is so sad! I spent most of my pregnancy with Ian sleeping on the bathroom floor, lol. It is actually kind of nice when you dont feel well because the floor is nice and cool, and it gives you a new perspective so you can see the places you miss in your usual cleaning routine!

It is always so hard to see our kids sick though. Poor little sausage!