Sunday, June 8, 2008

Oh No!

The dreaded pink eye has invaded our home. Just in time for the start of Summer. What kid doesn't want to have gunk and goop in their eye and be kept inside away from all the friends? 

It started with a little bit of eye goopies in Dax's right eye. We wiped it away and didn't think much of it. Within an hour both eyes were filling up faster than we could clean them out. YUCK! So off we went to the After Hours Pediatric Clinic, of course this would have to happen on a Saturday when our co-pay goes from $25 to $50! We were given a Rx for eye drops and by the time I was home with the drops Piper had goopy eyes as well. The doctor said that might happen and to go ahead and use the same drops. 

Oh the drops! Dax laid down and stayed nice and still while we put them in. You would have thought we were trying to kill Piper and this was before the first drop came anywhere near her. We had to both physically hold her down while she screamed. Did I mention that I have to give them these drops 3 times a day?! Did I also mention that I am now 9 months pregnant and can do nothing with any kind of grace at all. This should be a fun week!

The kids are no longer contagious after 7:00 tonight. It would be a cruel twist of fate for Matt or I to get the dreaded pink eye. So send clear eye thoughts this way!