Saturday, December 20, 2008


Piper had a spirit night at the Skateland for school this week. Skateland was the place to be when I was a kid. I spent many Saturdays there for Soc Hops and all night skates. Ah, the memories. Since this event was free I decided I would take Piper skating for her first time. She was so excited to go until she put the skates on. She was TERRIFIED! She clung to me like she was about to fall into a pool of lava if she happened to let go. We were quite a sight to see considering it has probably been 15 years since I last had a pair of roller skates on. It is nothing like riding a forget! Poor Piper was so upset and stressed out that she managed to work herself into an upset stomach. Poor kid, all of her stress goes straight to her stomach. We spent the majority of the evening sitting on the benches with her head in my lap as we watched everyone else skate by. Maybe next year...

She found her friend, Stephy from church, but even that was not enough to chase the worries away.

It was fun to spend some one on one time with my little girl. Ice skating is next :)


Lance and Kira Rasmussen said...

I forgot all about skateland!!!

So many 5th grade memories of doing the YMCA and checking out all the 10 year old boys who were all shorter than me!

Crazy to think our kids are ready to pick up the "Skateland" torch...