Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Nanna!

Christmas Eve is Nanna's (Matt's mom) birthday and every year we have a big dinner for her. This year Brian, Brittan and the cousins were able to come down and join us. I made a roast, mashed potatoes, rice, corn, rolls and salad. Dinner was delicious, if I do say so myself. After we finished eating the kids made a mad dash to the presents. There was much oohing and ahhing over the gifts and hugs a plenty to go around.

Campbell and her ePet

Dax got some awesome swords from B&B. They are foam and make sounds when they hit. FUN! Dax and Uncle Brian had a lot of fun with this gift.

Piper got a beautiful doll crib with her name and birth weight on it. I love it and so does she. It will surely be a family heirloom to pass down.

Everyone was having fun playing with their new gifts except Anna Mae. Poor Annastyn fell off the couch the night before and seemed to be not quite herself. She told Brittan that her head hurt, but when I tried to give her some motrin she threw up all over Brittan. I started having flashbacks of Christmas 2006. We think she had a slight concussion from her fall. Matt and Brian gave her a blessing and we made up a bag full of stuff just in case she got sick on the long drive home. I hate it that they live so far away. I wish they could have just stayed here, but we didn't have any way of letting Santa know that he needed to deliver their presents here. They made it home okay though and Anna Mae is feeling better now.

Here are a few more pictures of the night...

I never realized how much Dax and Campbell look like each other.

This is Barrett's first Christmas. He is such a happy baby!

The two little boy cousins. Dax loves his cousin!!

Barrett was very worried about his sister as you can see...

We love having our annual birthday dinner for Nanna. It is a wonderful to see our family and enjoy the holidays together. We love you, Nanna!


Liz's Blog said...

I think about Cathy every year on Christmas Eve! I'm so glad that ya'll had a nice dinner...and it does sound very very yummy, for her! That is so sad about your niece...I hope she gets to feeling better soon!
We miss you guys...Love you tons!
Liz....and Patrick and Jaco too =)

Trevor, Caci, and Jace said...

What a fun tradition! It makes having a birthday on Christmas Eve special rather than being overlooked in the Christmas festivities. Great idea! As usual, the kids are sooooo adorable!

Julie said...

I always think of Cathie on Christmas Eve too we had many a Christmas Eve with the Mitchells my favorite still has to be the one where we all dressed up and had a live manger! The pics still make me laugh. I'm glad you guys had fun we loved seeing you guys on our trip!