Friday, December 5, 2008


Last Friday night we headed over to he Darby's and had a bonfire with friends. My dear friend Liz and her sweet little boy were home visiting from Vegas, as well as her sister, Carmen and her husband. The Darby's are very near and dear to my heart and it was so nice for us all to be together again. This was the first time in 10 years that we have all been in the same place at the same time. It was almost ten years ago that I took the discussions at their home and joined the church. That was an amazing time in my life and I carry the fondest memories from those days. I remember for my 18th birthday we had a huge bonfire birthday bash. March is a big birthday month and Liz and I share birthdays just days apart.

This time we were all there with our spouses and children, but it seems like only yesterday that we were just high school girls with the whole world in front of us. I may not be the doctor I thought I wanted to be now, but my life is rich and full, nonetheless. It was fun to catch up and walk down memory lane a bit. Liz and her husband, Patrick, have been married for 4 years and have the sweetest little boy. They live in Vegas right now and Patrick is in his last year of medical school. I had a good time talking with him about medicine. He almost had me convinced I should start applying to med schools. :) Carmen and her husband, Drew, were there from Tallahassee with their cute little dog, Elle. The kids loved walking Elle and playing with her.

We had a great fire going and couldn't resist toasting a few marshmallows. YUM! Thanks again to the Darby family for having us over. It was a great night!

Carmen, Liz and me

Elle in the wheelbarrow

Matt and Patrick hanging out

Roasting Marshmallows over the fire

Marshmallow cheeks

Dax and Momma

Piper and Daddy


Liz's Blog said...

Such a fun night!!!! Full of memories and laughter!!! Bonfires and marshmellosws, great friends, family, memories of strawberry milkshakes, staying up all night laughing and talking. It was so much fun to spend the evening with you and your family! I love that no matter how much time has get me, you and carmen in the same room...and its like we are picking up right where we left off 10 years ago...
ps: don't forget the Chris Rock jokes, Crista's yummy cookin, laughing so hard! snuggles and loves.

Julie said...

You guys look like you had lots of fun wish we could have been there too!