Thursday, July 31, 2008

Piper's first concert

We took Piper to see some good friends who have a band last weekend. She was so excited and easily the cutest person there. The band has a pretty big fanbase here in Brandon but most of their fans are high school and college aged kids. I was reminded that I have left that demographic when I showed up with my 6 year old daughter. The band (Look Mexico) was awesome and so excited that Piper was there. After one of their songs they even mentioned that Piper was there and how excited they were to have a small fry in the house. She of course LOVED that! She sang and danced her heart out and had a grin from here to California on her face. After the show was over she got pictures with all the guys and even got to play the drums for a bit. One guy even commented that they were super impressed that she knew all the words.

It is a lot of fun to see her grow into this little person and share these things with her. I love driving in the car with her and cranking up one of my favorite cd's and hearing her sing along in the backseat. I must say I have a pretty cool kid. I take full credit for that ;)