Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fourth of July!!

We had a wonderful 4th of July this year. We started the day by going to the Brandon parade. We got there early and thanks to some friends we had an awesome spot. We joined up with a few families from church and all of the kids had a blast. It was really hot, but we still managed to have a good time. After the parade we went home and showered all the sweat off and took naps. Well Dax and Mommy napped while Matt ran errands and Piper got into mischief.

Then we met up with our friends the Thayn's and had yummy BBQ. From there we headed over to watch the fireworks. We were being chased by a pretty ugly storm and weren't sure if there would be any fireworks at all. Lucky for us the rain held off and we had a great time. Sarah (Thayn) brought glow sticks for all the kids and all types of glowing jewelry was made. By the time we got home we were all beat and headed to bed with no complaints.

Thanks to the Thayn family for hanging out with us all day and night. We feel lucky to have such wonderful friends to spend time with and make new memories with.

Dax and Nate
Our sweet set up for fireworks
Jesse and Dax watching the fireworks
Dax and the fireworks
Fun with glowsticks

Mommy and Dax
Piper, Jesse and Elle
Mommy and Piper
Piper and Dax
The little Mitchell family

Miss Independence
All the kids lined up and ready for the parade
Nate, Sarah and Jesse Thayn
Kassi Pope
Dax aka Mister Independence


Liz's Blog said...

SUCH CUTE PICS!!!!!! and i love the new blog layout! looks like ya'll had fun! I miss you girlie. Call me anytime! LOVE YOU!!!!

wildthayn said...

What a fun day!!! Thanks for hanging out with us. We had a blast and would LOVE to do it again!! I think we should hang out when Jarin comes home.

The Pope Family said...

Cute pictures! You were so cute in your white skirt and red shirt! You look so good for just having a baby!