Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Finn!

This one is past due. Our Finn turned 4 at the beginning of the month and I am just now getting around to his birthday blog spotlight. Let me tell you all a little about Finn. Finn in my best friends son, he is also Dax's best friend. Amanda (Finn's mommy) and I met through our old play group when the boys were still under a year old. I remember being instantly drawn because we had considered naming Dax Finley and calling him Finn while we were pregnant. Amanda and I got to know each other and soon we were hanging out outside of scheduled play group activities. She was there when Dax took his first steps and was the first person I called when I got my first positive pregnancy test for my first surrogacy. The boys were always together and seemed to like looking at one another and sharing snacks. Before too long our friendship was solid and we even brought our husbands into the mix- they also get along great.

So I have known Finn for over three years now and love him with my whole heart. I love that Dax and Finn love each other so much. Finn loves to build houses, airports, barns, etc. for anyone and everyone. He loves his Piglet (I was with him when he got his first and most dear Piglet.), his dog, Kobe and his Mommy and Daddy. And he loves us too. Matt and I are Auntie Sarah and Uncle Matt to Finn and it is a title that I wear with pride. I have long said that friends are the family you pick here in life. I hope as the years continue we all remain close and that I always stay Auntie Sarah to the blue eyed cutie named, Finn!

Here are some photos from Finn's 4th birthday party at the Big Red Barn. It was such a beautiful day and a super fun party! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you Finny! We love you so much!!

Dax and Finn on the playground

Farmer Finn

On the hay ride feeding the giant cows!

Feeding the animals

Dax and Finn petting the bunny.

Happy Birthday, Finn!! We love you!!!


Anonymous said...

I love how sweet Dax is with Finn -he knows how to be a friend. Grandma

Amanda said...

Awww- what a sweet post! We're feelin' the love, and sending it right back to you :) I love watching our boys growing up together, sharing so many fun moments big and small. We love you guys!