Thursday, February 5, 2009

Funny kid

Last night Dax was having a hard time falling asleep, which is unusual for him. Matt spent some extra cuddle time in his room with him in an effort to help him fall asleep. This was after I had already sang Too Rah Loo (irish lullaby) several times!

So Matt laid with him and held him close, but after a while it was time for him to get up. This is the conversation that followed--

Dax- You're leaving, hu?
Matt- Yeah buddy, I got to get up and get some stuff done before I go to sleep.
Dax- At this point I know you're lying.

I almost peed my pants when Matt told me. What a funny kid that Dax is!


attorneymama said...

LOL, that is hilarious. I love it when the spout off totally adult phrases!

Jenna said...

Your kids are gorgeous!