Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay

Today was supposed to be the second day of school, instead it was a day off to play in the wind. No school, no work and no storm hitting us equaled into a photo shoot in the backyard. Maddax found a branch and said,"Daddy look what the Burger King did!". Matt said, "The what?!". Dax said, "You know the burger king.". Matt found the connection...burger king...hurricane. He was close...sorta.

Here he is cutting up the branch that the burger king blew down.

Piper hammed it up a bit for the camera as well.

We ended the day with with Grandma and Grandad and Grandad's hurricane soup. We were lucky, the storm changed course and we didn't even get any rain here. There were some winds but nothing any more serious than what a thunderstorm will bring. We are glad we were spared and pray for those that were affected by Fay. Only a few more months until the season is over.


Liz's Blog said...

CUTE! Piper makes me laugh and smile with her poses!!! She loves the camera. Keep the pics coming!

wildthayn said...

Burger King!!! He's too cute. I'm glad the burger king missed us! I love seeing how much Piper LOVES the camera. She's a funny little girl!

Deb said...

My goodness - you HAVE been a busy blogger! I had so much to catch up on. Congratulations on the minivan! That is wonderful news. I am sorry I missed you on Fast Sunday - I was in Texas. I am so happy that it was a spiritually enriching day for you, and I love the imagery you shared. I will have to remember that when Ellea starts being a stinker. Your little first grader is adorable. It made me think about the day Ellea will start school. I think I will cry all day. But I still have a few years to enjoy. Thanks for sharing your life. :)

Sarah Lew said...

Too funny - burger king! I love kid quotes! I forgot how much a part of life hurricanes were while being a Florida resident! I don't think I've even thought about one in a year and a half! Glad all is well. Piper is such a cute model!