Monday, August 25, 2008

Fun with the cousins

Titi Sette, Uncle Jay, Eliana and Taliah came up from Naples this weekend and we had so much fun! The last time we saw them was Thanksgiving and the girls have grown so much. Poor little Dax was the lone boy, we need some boy cousins around here!! We had fun playing in the pool, eating, playing scrabble, eating, taking pictures, eating, playing wii, eating. Are you noticing a theme here?! We like to eat!

We are planning a trip down to Naples at the end of September and can't wait. Uncle Jay has promised Dax some fishing and we are going to check out their super cool community pool as well. Grandma and Grandad are going to go as well and we are going to take our first big trip in the van. It is so nice that we can all ride down together! We love you guys!!

                                         Seeing each other for the first time in 9 months!!

Playing in the pool

  Silly Uncle Matt
        Uncle Jay was sleepy
Uncle Jay's shoe and Dax's shoe


ladybug1059 said...

Hey Sarah! It was soooo fun to see your comment on my blog this morning! Funny how you find people's blogs, huh? I hadn't found yours yet, so I'm glad you found mine! Your kids are freaking beautiful, and I can't believe how BIG they are! WOW! You are looking amazing as usual ;)

Yay blogs!