Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Piper's Birthday

So this is a little late, but I wanted to post a little about Piper's 6th birthday. She turned 6 on April 25th and we are still shocked that she needs two hands to tell us how old she is now. We had a weekend long celebration. On Friday I took treats to school at lunchtime to share with her class and brought her her favorite lunch, a sub from Publix and a bottle of Dasani water. My Mom came down that afternoon and we took Piper to Red Lobster for her birthday dinner. She is truly her Mother's daughter. She ate about a pound of snow crab legs! After dinner we headed home and let her open gifts. Dax was so excited and kept telling her what she got before she could open her presents. It was pretty cute.

On Saturday she had her party. We had a tea party this year and she invited just a couple of friends from church and her "bff" Amara who lives in our neighborhood and is a 5th grader. Did we mention Piper is only 6?! The party was really cute. All the girls came dressed up and we had feather boas and tiny teacups. The big hit was the cake. It was truly a masterpiece. The design was a Matt Mitchell original that an amazing bakery was able to make come to life with fondant. The day was full of all things girly and a heavy dose of Hannah Montana.

On Sunday, we had the grandparents over for a birthday dinner. At Piper's request we had roast, mashed potatoes, "cob on the corn", ceasar salad and crescent rolls. It was a wonderful dinner!

I can hardly believe that our 6 pound wonder is now 6 years old. There is a quote that I really love, "The days are long, but the years are short." How very true that is. I look at Piper and can so easily remember her as a newborn baby and now she is this amazing person full of sugar and spice and a person all her own.

The cake
Our happy little family
Tea Time
Miss Egg and Pi
Birthday Princess


Liz's Blog said...

Hey girlie! I had no idea you had a blog...till I was on Kira's blog and I saw your comment! I miss you tons...It was so great to see pics of you and your family! You look GREAT as always, and I can not get over that you have a 6yr old!!!! Are we getting old??? How are you doing???? Catch me up on everything....I miss you girlie! Love you tons!!!!

Sarah Lew said...

Wow - what an awesome cake! I remember Piper as spunky little 2 year old and now she is all grown up! What a princess! Did you get my email??? Write me back!

Scooter & Emi said...

Verrah, verrah cute! (Yes, I have a license to say "verrah" instead of "very" now that I live in Georgia.) The birthday cake was adorable! Glad you got pictures before the girls dug in! :D