Thursday, July 16, 2009

Calling the Tooth Fairy

Piper lost her first tooth tonight. This tooth has been pretty wiggly for a while now and we have been long awaiting this day. We had some friends (Hi Ostrom Family!) over for dinner and the night started with Piper being super excited about the super wiggly of her tooth. She got her little treasure box with a mirror attached out and sat in front of it and wiggled and wiggled. Matt suggested she chew a piece of gum and see if that helped. We all sat down for dinner and not more than three bites into the meal out comes the tooth. Hysteria followed since a lost tooth comes with a bit of blood. I helped her rinse her mouth and help stop the bleeding. She was soooo excited, but also a little bit freaked out.

We bought a tooth fairy doll for her a few weeks ago in anticipation of the tooth fairy's impending visit to our house. So tonight before bed we tucked the tooth in the front of the doll's dress and sat her on top of the pillow next to Piper's sweet little head. I really can't believe that my baby girl has lost her first tooth! I remember when she cut that tooth and now it is gone and she has moved into a new stage.

On a sweet note...tonight when Matt was tucking Pi into bed she said, "Daddy I want to save my tooth fairy money for something special like helping out since you lost your job." Cue the tears! How awesome and also heartbreaking at the same time. She is a special girl and we are glad she is ours.


MamaErin said...

Oh my what a sweet girl she is to want to save her tooth fairy money to help out! You and Matt have done an awesome job raising such a kind-hearted little one!!! She is beautiful!

Rachel said...

She is just beautiful! Congrats on the tooth, Piper! And oh, so sweet. What a generous heart she has.