Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Campbell!!

Last Saturday was our niece's 7th birthday. So we loaded up Yolanda (the Honda) with all the grandparents and headed to Inverness for a roller skating party. Piper absolutely loves her cousin, but she was less than excited at the prospect of putting roller skates on again. We got skates for Pi and Dax, but Dax refused to even put his on. He preferred watching from the sidelines.

Anna Mae who is 8.5 months younger than Dax was a pro on her skates. So cute!

Matt decided he would get a pair of skates and try to get Piper out on the rink. Here are the results of the Daddy/Daughter skate...

As you can see not much has changed in Piper's roller skating skills. I think I am going to have to hold off on taking her ice skating. Matt on the other hand continued his streak of being good at just about everything he does. He had a blast skating and we even managed to talk him into racing in the speed race! This was hilarious!!

He came in third, but the disclaimer is that the guys that took 1st and 2nd were the owner and the rink ref and they both had speed skates. Still not bad for a 31 year old who last skated when he was 12.

Speaking of racing...Anna Mae raced in the girls 6 and under group. She was awesome! She came in last, but she never gave up and she never fell down. We were really impressed with how great a skater she is already. Maybe I will take her ice skating sometime soon :)

Nanna (aka Cathie aka Matt's mom) also decided to lace up. She was a bit more cautious and every time Matt lapped her he would tell her to keep it moving. What a smart alec.

Roller Skating Nanna

Matt is such a good uncle. He had a good time skating with the girls.

We managed to get everyone to come over and sing and eat cake. The cake was made by a friend of Brittan's and it was soooo good!

Make a wish...

I can't believe Campbell is 7! That means that my own little girl will be 7 in just a few short months. Time is moving so quickly. Look at how beautiful these two are. Even if I never manage to give Piper a sister at least she will have a cousin that she loves and is close to.

Here are a few more cute pictures from the party.

Barrett also had a birthday last week, he tuned 1 on the 6th! Happy birthday big boy!!

Piper loves baby "Bear"

Matty with his Mom and Dad (and Dax)

Me with my sweet girl.


Liz's Blog said...

I love these pictures!!! Sounds like such a fun Mitchell party!
Looks like a great time! XOXO

Anonymous said...

It was a great day - next time let's get Grandad on the skates!

Liz's Blog said...

hey girlie! i set my blog to private...i know, kinda lame..but was noticing something odd on my tracker thing. anyways...can you send me your email address so i can add you to the list. i'm pretty sure you have my email address...its been the same forever! Miss you and love you!