Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Poor Bug

Dax has not had the greatest luck the past month or two. Just as he is recovered from one injury a new one appears. This one is pretty gruesome. Poor Dax was clothes lined by Roxy's leash when she chased after her ball. She lunged for her ball and Dax was in the way. I feel sick everytime I look at his neck and think about how much worse it could have been.

The pictures below were taken the next day. The accident happened last Friday and is already looking so much better. I think we will have to delay his 4 year old pictures for a couple weeks.

Dax with the caged wild Roxy

Close up

As you can see he is still our sweet, happy little bug. Poor Roxy loves her Dax and didn't mean to hurt him. She looks so sweet and innocent here.


Angela said...

Poor baby!!! I love the one where he's smiling.

wildthayn said...

I love that he can smile about it. Poor kid!! It hurts me just thinking about it...